Customers wishing to cancel their order within 7 days will be charged an administration fee of 10% to cover fees, staff costs etc, and your refund will not be processed until 28 days after your cancelled order was placed.

Customers wishing to cancel their order  7 - 14 days from the purchase date will be charged an 15%  fee to cover costs of work carried out for your order. All garments are made to order to your specified size and colour.

Chlorination charges will apply to items that have been done.

Items that have already been produced to order may incuur a 30% cancellation fee irrespective of cancellation date.

Custom and Made to Measure Garments incuur a 60% cancellation fee and can NOT be returned for a refund.

Cancellation of shoes and boots will incuur postal charges to cover the return postal cost from RubberEvaShop to the manufacturer.